Thursday, 28 April 2011

Goin' Fishin'

This Canada long weekend I'll be camping outside Qualicum Beach and fishing for 3 days with my best buds. So I wanted to get stuff ready early as it's the busiest weekend in the summer. I don't own a boat for fishing, so I'll need to rent or borrow one. A 10-12ft aluminum boat. I live on island with major fishing taking place on the ocean and in the hundreds of lakes that make up Vancouver Island. Thinking it would be easy getting a boat right? WRONG! There's a reason why we're all on an island because we know shit all about boats. I called every fishing, and sporting place that I could in town and in surronding areas. Not only do they not rent boats, but they know of no one that would either. I can however rent a kayak, a canoe, a 26ft salmon fishing boat, but I can't rent a small aluminum fishing boat.

How does everyone, know nothing about this subject? I can buy one, but I have nowhere to store it. My kingdom for a fucking boat.

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