Thursday, 28 April 2011

Goin' Fishin'

This Canada long weekend I'll be camping outside Qualicum Beach and fishing for 3 days with my best buds. So I wanted to get stuff ready early as it's the busiest weekend in the summer. I don't own a boat for fishing, so I'll need to rent or borrow one. A 10-12ft aluminum boat. I live on island with major fishing taking place on the ocean and in the hundreds of lakes that make up Vancouver Island. Thinking it would be easy getting a boat right? WRONG! There's a reason why we're all on an island because we know shit all about boats. I called every fishing, and sporting place that I could in town and in surronding areas. Not only do they not rent boats, but they know of no one that would either. I can however rent a kayak, a canoe, a 26ft salmon fishing boat, but I can't rent a small aluminum fishing boat.

How does everyone, know nothing about this subject? I can buy one, but I have nowhere to store it. My kingdom for a fucking boat.

Squirrel Eggs

There are times in life when someone tells you something so incredibly amazing that you have to hold back from smashing your head into a window.

It was a normal day at work, during a normal routine, when my pupil almost ran over a grey squirrel. Big whoop, these little shits are always playing frogger with my car. But she panics and hits the breaks. "eeeeek!" she announces. I remind her to check the mirror, and ask if it was worth it to hit the rodent only to get crashed into. A look to the ceiling tells me she remembers that this information might have been mentioned in class. As a long time listener to CFAX 1040, I have listened to many intellectual and informative talks about just about any subject you can think of. One of them being a story about the grey and black squirrels in the region. I learned that grey squirrels take up most of the population yet are not indigenous to the area, and in fact should be destroyed as they have a negative impact.

So I add to my instruction that perhaps it may have been better to just hit the animal as opposed to being slammed into by that f250 behind us. This is when the student became the teacher. "Ohh, I've heard of these squirrels." "They're bad because the grey squirrels eat the eggs of the black squirrels."
After a brief pause, with a cocked eyebrow and a slight twist of the head, I replied. "Ummm, I'm pretty sure Squirrels are mammals." I expected a response like "oh, right" or "oh, ahaha, I'm so dumb." But instead my brain was stymied once more. I got a very unsure yet assertive "No".

A longer pause. "Soooo, we're going to make the next right turn." I didn't bring it up again, I couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to correct her. Would you like to know why? It's because how could I be so selfish to keep that to myself? How could I take that moment away from the next person that dares bring up the topic of grey squirrels around this person. I'm not that mean.


There once was a man from Nantukit. I'm sure there was.

Blogging? Do I have it in me? Keep reading and you tell me. Facebook, Youtube, all big parts of my daily internet routine. Wimp, and Sportsnet along with the local newspaper complete the round. Melissa is and has been an avid blogger for many years, and I never have ever thought to start my own. Until now. I find myself doing my usual interweb visits, and saw a blog that got me thinking. It wasn't a blog about starting a new blog. It wasn't a blog that was about something that I feel passionate about. It was just a blog. Like any blog you might stumble across, like bacon lovers to parenting, to underwater basketweaving. But it was the moment where I thought.....ima gonna try! So here goes. My vision for this blog, is to just simply post anything and everything that I encounter, experince, and persue in my life. If this means sharing with you a moment that happened with my 2yr old son. Or maybe a story about what happened at work. Maybe I'll even share with you about the "Ghost Pepper" chilli I ate and the experience of expelling it from the body the next day. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm 30 something, and I've got some stuff to say.